There are so many reasons to grow your own herbs. 

  • Only have on hand what you need. No more having to buy a cup of parsley for a recipe that calls for just a tablespoon. 
  • Always have on hand your favorite herb. No more last minute runs to the grocery store when you run out. Just leisurely stroll out to your garden and snip what you need. 
  • Wow your guests with flavor. The potency of herbs decreases over time. Just imagine how perfect basil that is only minutes old will taste on your caprese salad. 

AND, herbs are not that hard to grow. You will have luscious and stunning herbs in no time and with very little effort. 

So come along with me and start growing your own thriving herbs.

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  • Harvesting

  • Basil

  • Cilantro

  • Dill

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